Christmas Jumpers

Christmas is a time for celebration, joy and – more importantly – Christmas jumpers! Love them or hate them, we bet you have worn at least one Christmas jumper in your lifetime. The great thing about Christmas jumpers is that they are available in numerous styles, designs, patterns, and colours, meaning that they are not only a great representation of Christmas as a whole, but enables you to find one that showcases your personality and meaning of Christmas to you.

Whether or not you want to embrace Christmas jumpers, it’s considered a holiday tradition for families and co-workers to wear Xmas jumpers every year on Christmas Jumper Day which is typically celebrated on the third Friday in December. And if you haven’t yet got the memo, it’s never too early to find yours!

Why Wear Christmas Jumpers?

Christmas is considered a magical time for people of all ages from very young children, through to teenagers and adults. Wearing your best Christmas jumpers is just one way to acknowledge the season and get your festivities in full swing. So, whether you’re planning a corporate Christmas Jumper Day to get your colleagues into the festive spirit or making them mandatory to wear to the family dining
table this December, you bet you’ll want the latest in fashion.

We provide a wide range of matching Christmas jumpers from those boasting traditional prints and colourways, to those that are considered outside the
box, away from the usual red, green, and gold, in addition to matching family Christmas jumpers suitable for the smallest to the tallest of family members including the dog or cat!

Each of our Christmas jumpers have been selected with quality and comfort in mind. So, not only can you be confident in the selection of Christmas jumper styles we have to offer, but their longevity, warmth, and overall feel – no itchiness here! From crewneck jumpers to finely knitted jumper dresses, you can find a host of matching sets available to purchase online.

Why Gift Christmas Jumpers?

What’s a good gift when you don’t know what to buy a colleague, friend, or relative? A Christmas jumper of course! Whether you are purchasing a Christmas jumper for an individual or a family, it’s the perfect solution when you’re stuck on Christmas gift inspiration. You can even get the family pet(s) involved!

Tips for Taking Pictures with Matching Christmas Jumpers

Whether you are planning on creating your own Christmas cards complete with a family
photo or want to arrange a photoshoot for your family’s memory box, matching Christmas jumpers are a great way to encourage tradition. Below, we’ve shared some tips for taking pictures in your family Christmas pyjamas:

Coordinate Your Outfits: Ready, set, cheese! The first step to taking iconic pictures with matching Christmas jumpers is to coordinate your outfits. We don’t just mean what you’re wearing on top, but on the bottom too! Think festive skirts, tights, headbands, and more to bring your photographs to life.

Choose A Festive Background: No holiday card is complete without a festive background. If possible,
take your picture against a greenscreen or similar. That way, you can edit in your own background and even create multiple variations of the same photo. If
that’s not possible, consider putting together a background dedicated to said

Use Natural Lighting: When it comes to taking a high-quality picture, natural lighting is always best. If you have arranged for your Xmas photoshoot to take place inside, consider positioning your set up near to a window or otherwise use warm lighting to prevent harsh shadows interrupting your picture.  

Plan Your Pose: Taking
pictures with matching Christmas pyjamas and jumpers is easier said than done, particularly if you have a baby or young child. To make the process as quick as possible, consider your poses in advance. For example, are you each going to sit or kneel, or are you going to stand with the tallest family members at the back?

Use Props: In addition to selecting a festive background for your Xmas photoshoot and considering your poses in advance, think about how the addition of festive-themed props can bring your photographs to life. From Santa hats and ornaments to wrapped gifts, even the tiniest of elements can add a playful touch to your photos. 

Use A Self-Timer: There’s nothing worse than running away from the camera and getting into position within a short 3-second timeframe when you want to take a family photo without holiday the device itself. A remote-control self-timer is an excellent way to make sure you get the shot you want without constantly having to reposition yourself and others. 

Edit Your Photos: If things don’t quite go to plan on the day, don’t be shy to try out some editing tools. From adjusting the lighting, to adding a flurry of snow above you and your loved ones, there are several ways to use photo-editing in your pictures favour helping to make the unrealistic, realistic.

Have Fun!: Our most important tip is to enjoy the process! Christmas only comes around once a year and should be embraced by the whole family. It’s time to dust off those matching Christmas jumpers and get to work!

Using our tips for taking pictures with matching Christmas jumpers, you can ensure the perfect photograph perfect for Christmas cards or even wrap if you want to go that one step further. One thing is for sure – you won’t be disappointed by
our large Christmas jumper selection and clothing range. Order yours today and enjoy free delivery on purchases over £50!

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FAQs About Our Christmas Jumpers

Are your Christmas Jumpers available in different sizes? +

Yes, our Christmas jumpers come in a variety of different sizes to fit everyone in your family, from young children to adults. Please refer to our size guide to help you find the perfect fit this festive season.

How do I take care of my Christmas jumper? +

We recommend that your machine wash our festive knitwear on a gentle low-heat cycle and allow them to air dry to ensure your jumpers stay looking their best.

What materials are your Christmas jumpers made of? +

Our British Christmas jumpers are crafted from comfortable and soft materials. You can find specific details about their materials on our product pages.

When is UK Christmas Jumper Day? +

Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day is typically celebrated on the third Friday in December. However, remember this is a time to recognise the children across the globe that aren't so fortunate.


When can I wear a Christmas jumper? +

Rule of thumb is two weeks before Christmas as well as special occasions such as the Christmas office party, last day of work, Christmas eve and Christmas day