Christmas is an exciting time for the whole family, not least parents who strive to keep the Christmas magic alive for as long as possible. From decorating the Christmas tree and secretly re-arranging the bauble baubles when your little one goes to bed, to preparing Rudolph’s carrot and Santa’s glass of milk and cookie on Christmas Eve, many of us maintain the traditions our parents taught us when we were too young to understand anything different. Many are also now embracing letters from Santa to help keep the momentum going.

What To Include In A Christmas Letter From Santa

Writing a letter from Santa Claus is often easier said than done. After all, what should a letter from Santa say? To help you write authentic Christmas letters from Santa, we’ve compiled a list of elements you may want to include:

1. Plenty of Personalisation

To write the very best letter from Santa, it’s important to make sure it’s entirely personalised to your child. That means including details about them, such as their name and age, to highlight the legitimacy of the letter from Santa.

2. Celebrations of Achievements

Next, highlight your child’s achievements. Did they give up their dummy this year, recently start nursery, or due to transition into primary school? Regardless, be sure to include a few pivotal moments in your letter from Santa Claus to bring attention to their good work.

3. Gentle Reminders

We all know that Santa keeps check on those who have been naughty or nice throughout the year, so be sure to include a gentle reminder to your child to keep up the good behaviour.

4. Factual Information

Whilst it can be tempting to exaggerate in your Christmas letters from Santa, make sure it remains factual.

5. Christmas Eve Routine Reminders

Include a reminder of what to do on Christmas Eve including going to bed early, leaving a carrot out for Rudolph and the other reindeer, and a glass of milk and a cookie for Santa himself. You may also want to include a preferred wake up time if your child is known to wake up extra early on Christmas Day.

6. Thank Them for Their Good Behaviour

Christmas is a time for reflection, so be sure to thank your child for their good behaviour.

7. Tell Them About the North Pole

While your letter from Santa should be factual, don’t shy away from explaining to your child more about the North Pole. Why not include some fun facts in your letter?

8. Mention Their Christmas Requests

Of course, don’t forget to mention your child’s Christmas requests in your letter! Not only will this hone in on the legitimacy of the letter and maintain the Christmas excitement, but provide a further gentle reminder to maintain good behaviour.

9. Where Is Santa Headed Next After the Xmas Period

Christmas Eve is Santa’s busiest night of the year, often leaving one question: where is Santa header next after the Xmas period? Include a story about what Santa does for the other 364 days of the year, whether that’s taking an extended vacation or training his reindeer in the North Pole.

10. Have Fun with It

Be sure to have fun with your letter from Santa template. Make it as fun and endearing as you wish to keep the Christmas magic alive in your household!

Our Personalised Letter From Santa Template

Dear [insert child’s name]

I’m very pleased to be writing to your toady, [insert child’s name], as I have some magical news to share with you! [Insert year] has been quite some year, but now it’s time to spread Christmas cheer.

We’ve heard lots of fantastic things about what you’ve achieved this year [insert child’s name] that have been kindly passed shared with us by [insert name of parent/ friend/ teacher] (but shhh! Don’t let slip I’ve written to you!)

We’ve heard that you have [insert noticeable achievement(s)], which has really blown myself and Mrs. Claus away! It’s great to see you striving for such big things at just [insert child’s age] years old – keep up the great work!

With the big day just around the corner, the Elves have been super busy making all the magical toys wonderful children such as yourself have asked for.
One of the Elves even informed me that they know the perfect present for a well-behaved child like you!

I have checked my list, twice in fact, and can see that you would like a [insert Christmas request]. How exciting!

I can’t promise anything, but if you continue to keep up the good work and behaviour, I will definitely see what I can do!
Have a fantastic Christmas and remember to leave Rudolph a carrot or two if you would be so kind.

Seasonal Wishes,
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus

P.S. We promise to be as quite as possible delivering your presents in [insert hometown]!

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June 07, 2024